3 Series 330e

Potential rebate
Total range
503 km


The BMW 3 Series 330e marks a significant stride in BMW's shift from fossil fuels to electrified driving. As a compact luxury hybrid, this vehicle combines performance and sustainability in a package that remains true to BMW's renowned driving dynamics.

BMW, like many top-tier German automakers, is making significant strides towards a greener future with the 2023 BMW 3 Series Hybrid playing a pivotal role in this evolution. The 3 Series, traditionally a forerunner in the compact luxury category, has extended its prowess into the hybrid segment, creating vehicles that are both powerful and environmentally friendly. The 2023 model maintains the status quo, but continues to impress with its offerings.

Under the hood of the 3 Series Hybrid is a robust powertrain: a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine paired with an electric hybrid system, yielding an impressive 288 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque. While it may not challenge some high-end competitors in terms of raw power, it provides enough thrills to keep drivers engaged. Further enhancing the driving experience is the option of rear- or all-wheel drive, making it an all-rounder in performance.

In our analysis of the BMW 3 Series Hybrid, we explore whether the addition of a ‘hybrid’ label compromises the charm of this classic German sedan or enhances its appeal. Spoiler alert: this car manages to seamlessly integrate sustainable technology without diluting its rich heritage or performance. A perfect choice for those who seek luxury, performance, and sustainability in their drive.

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About this vehicle

3 Series 330e
Model year
Passenger capacity
5 seats
Cargo volume
374 litres
Fuel type
Electric range
35 km
Total range
503 km
Battery size
12.00 kWh
6.00s to 60mph
Rear-Wheel Drive

Fuel and charging

Charging at home
Cost per battery charge
Time to charge
~ 2 hours, 48 minutes
Maximum charging speed
4.0 kW AC
Fuel impact
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