F-150 Lightning Platinum

Potential rebate
Total range
483 km


The 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum is a standout electric pickup truck that combines the familiar feel of the F-150 series with groundbreaking electric power. Its unique selling point is its impressive torque and speed, making it a vehicle that truly embodies power and efficiency.

The 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum may look like your regular F-150 on the surface, but its electric heart sets it apart in the pickup truck market. Its familiar exterior and interior design mask an entirely different beast under the hood – two potent electric motors powered by either of two battery packs.

With the Extended-Range battery, this powerhouse can produce a staggering 580 horsepower, launching the truck from zero to sixty miles per hour in just four seconds at our testing facility. Depending on which battery pack you choose, you could be looking at an EPA-estimated range between 230 to 320 miles.

However, one should keep in mind that towing heavy loads will likely require more frequent charging stops – a common drawback for all EV trucks. But for those who only tow occasionally or over short distances, this is unlikely to be a major concern.

The F-150 Lightning Platinum’s versatility is one of its key strengths; it can be adapted to fit a wide variety of needs with minimal compromises compared to traditional gasoline-powered versions. So whether you’re cranking up the music or enjoying the quietness of the ride, one thing is clear – this isn’t your average F-150. It’s an electric workhorse designed to redefine what an EV truck can do.

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About this vehicle

F-150 Lightning Platinum
Model year
Passenger capacity
5 seats
Cargo volume
1495 litres
Fuel type
Electric range
483 km
Total range
483 km
Battery size
131.00 kWh
4.00s to 60mph
All-Wheel Drive

Fuel and charging

Charging at home
Cost per battery charge
Time to charge
~ 13 hours, 6 minutes
Maximum charging speed
19.0 kW AC, 100.0 kW DC
Fuel impact
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