F-150 Lightning XLT Extended Range

Potential rebate
Total range
515 km


The 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning XLT Extended Range is a ground-breaking all-electric pickup that combines power and efficiency. Its ability to deliver a gas-like experience without the accompanying noise, yet offer a thrilling torque thrust, sets it apart in the EV pickup market.

Experience the future of pickup trucks with the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning XLT Extended Range. This innovative truck is an electrified version of the classic F-150, with the same familiar exterior and interior design but an entirely different powertrain. The silence from its electric engine might initially surprise you, but once you put your foot down on the accelerator, you’ll feel the raw power of electricity as it comfortably propels you forward with an instant torque that can mimic the force of a large freight vehicle at full speed.

The F-150 Lighting comes equipped with two different battery pack options, each powering two electric motors. The larger Extended-Range battery boasts an impressive 580 horsepower, which allows for rapid acceleration. Our testing demonstrated a swift 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds. With this battery, the EPA-estimated range hits up to 320 miles. However, like many electric pickups, towing could significantly reduce this range and necessitate frequent charging stops.

But don’t let this deter you if you’re a casual tower or only require short-distance towing capabilities. The F-150 Lightning will fulfill your requirements while providing a smooth and efficient ride. This electric workhorse offers versatility in its configurations and demands fewer trade-offs compared to its gas-powered counterpart. It represents not just an eco-friendly alternative, but also a powerful and reliable vehicle for those looking to step into the future of transportation.

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About this vehicle

F-150 Lightning XLT Extended Range
Model year
Passenger capacity
5 seats
Cargo volume
1495 litres
Fuel type
Electric range
515 km
Total range
515 km
Battery size
131.00 kWh
4.00s to 60mph
All-Wheel Drive

Fuel and charging

Charging at home
Cost per battery charge
Time to charge
~ 13 hours, 6 minutes
Maximum charging speed
19.0 kW AC, 150.0 kW DC
Fuel impact
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