XC60 T8 eAWD

Potential rebate
Total range
896 km


The 2024 Volvo XC60 T8 eAWD is not just a luxury SUV, it's a harmonious blend of elegance and practicality. With its unique Scandinavian design and powerful hybrid engine, it sets a new standard in the luxury class.

The 2024 Volvo XC60 T8 eAWD embodies sophistication and functional design in a way that revolutionizes the luxury-SUV sector. It perfectly marries an aesthetically pleasing exterior to a high-end interior, exhibiting an unmistakably Nordic interpretation of what luxury feels like. The XC60 comes with two different four-cylinder engine options – the 247-horsepower B5 for those who value fuel efficiency, and the robust 455-horsepower T8 plug-in hybrid for those seeking more power.

On the road, the Volvo XC60 handles corners with precision, offering a sense of connectivity to the driving surface. While it may not have the sporty feel of some competitors, its performance is reliable and secure. On the technological front, the XC60 is ahead of the curve. Despite some reservations about the Google-based infotainment system, it functions smoothly and adds to the overall convenience of the vehicle.

While some might argue that its rivals offer more cargo space, the Volvo XC60 still offers ample room for everyday needs. It strikes an excellent balance between luxury and practicality, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking a high-end SUV that doesn’t compromise on functionality or style.

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About this vehicle

XC60 T8 eAWD
Model year
Passenger capacity
5 seats
Cargo volume
1395 litres
Fuel type
Electric range
58 km
Total range
896 km
Battery size
14.00 kWh
5.00s to 60mph
All-Wheel Drive

Fuel and charging

Charging at home
Cost per battery charge
Time to charge
~ 2 hours, 6 minutes
Maximum charging speed
4.0 kW AC
Fuel impact
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